“I remember when I came in to this world and I thought that I was free

I didn’t realise that was not guaranteed

Brick by brick, we built the walls so thick, to protect us from the fairytale

Now there’s 4 walls around us that we can no longer scale

Well they said we were crazy and at first I thought it’s very possible that we might have been

But we’re running out of reasons for believin’ they got it right

As we lose all of our power to the overlords somehow you still think they deserve our trust

Well the movement’s getting bigger ‘cause we know they don’t care ‘bout us

‘Cause we know they don’t care ‘bout us

Well I must admit I never really thought it would actually come to this

But we’ve been backed into a corner and now we all have to fight

Well we don’t know what & we’ve forgotten how, but we should really ask the reasons why

When it don’t make sense your intuition says it’s probably a lie

‘Cause they know that we’ll never stand up if we believe the lie

‘Cause they know that we won’t stand up if we’re afraid to die

‘Cause they know that we’ll never stand up if we believe the lie

But we’ll never get to feel alive if we’re afraid to die”

Produced by Alexie Pigot Music Production

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